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By using our service you agree to our Terms & Conditions below:

1. Every Free Wedding Website is supported by an advert. This is a single advert at the bottom of the website.

2. Every Wedding Website is valid for two years. After two years, unless you request otherwise, your Wedding Website will be deleted.

3. General turnaround is 1-3 days, but during busy periods and vacations, this may be longer.

4. We accept orders from all over the World, but your Wedding Website must be in English.

5. Updates: You may request changes to your Wedding Website an any time. The number of requests you make must be reasonable. We will ignore requests that we consider to be spam.

6. The cost of removing the supporting advert from your Wedding Website is £9.99. This must be paid by PayPal.

7. Refund: If you change your mind about removing the advert within the first 30 days, a full refund will be given.

8. Use of our service is at your own risk. We take no responsibility for technical failures by third parties that compromise the performance or privacy (if opted for) of your Wedding Website.

9. You may cancel your Wedding Website at any time.

10. Every Wedding Website remains under the copyright of OurWedPage.Net. While some images used are in the public domain, you must check with us before reproducing any of our images elsewhere. You cannot host our Wedding Websites independently. You may, however, make a copy of your Wedding Website for your own private use.

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